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    Wireless Key Finder: 1 Remote & 6 Receivers to Find Things

    Do you often forget where you put things like keys, remotes, or your valuable things? You can use this wireless key finder, which comes with one remote and six receivers that easily attach to keyrings or stick to any household items. 

    Wireless Key Finder: 1 Remote & 6 Receivers to Find Things

    The remote control has six buttons with different names, and when you press a button, a specific receiver starts beeping loudly. The receiver's range is up to 100 feet, which is more than enough for home, office, or workplace use. it is powered by CR2032 replaceable batteries that last long to 9 months of usage.

    This wireless key finder isn't just for keys; you can also use it to alert six different people or things from one remote within a 100ft area. Check out more features and specifications below, and you can find its current price on the Amazon website.

    Features of Wireless Key Finder

    1. This wireless key finder is perfect for forgetful individuals.
    2. Comes with one transmitter and six receivers for versatile tracking.
    3. Helps find frequently misplaced items like keys, remotes, purses, glasses, canes, and more.
    4. Follow the beep sound to locate lost items within a 30-meter (100ft) range.
    5. Receivers have a red LED light for finding items in the dark.
    6. Covers a distance of 85-100 feet.
    7. Generates a sound of 75-85db for easy detection.
    8. Operates on a frequency of 433.92MHz.
    9. Made of ABS for durability.
    10. Powered by CR2032*7 (included)

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