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Rechargeable LED Bulb with Type-C Charging

Do you need an LED bulb that glows without electricity for many hours? Introducing rechargeable waterproof LED bulbs for indoor and outdoor. This Decorative Eco-Friendly LED bulb not only lights up your space but also helps save energy, lasting up to 40,000 hours. It also has adjustable brightness levels (low medium and high).

Rechargeable LED Bulb with Type-C Charging

This top-notch LED lamp has a rechargeable battery for long-lasting brightness. It's tough, resistant to knocks, and can be adjusted to different settings. The lamp is stable, charges quickly, and has a durable hanging hook. Perfect for daily use, it cuts down your electricity bill by more than 90%, offering an eco-friendly and budget-friendly lighting solution. 

Features of Rechargeable LED Bulb with Type-C Charging

  1. Type C Charging Port For fast Charging
  2. LED bulb with a long LED life of up to 40000 hours.
  3. This lamp is waterproof and can be used outdoors.
  4. Easy clamp hook to hang it anywhere you want.
  5. 5W LED with excellent brightness.
  6. The weight of the product is 149 g only.
  7. You can charge this bulb with a power bank, charging adapter, and USB port.
  8. The built-in large-capacity battery provides excellent backup.

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