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    Expandable Water Pipe for Gardening and CarWash

    This Expandable Water Pipe is super handy! It's 25 feet long and can be easily connected to any water tap. What's cool is that when you turn on the tap, the pipe stretches out, and when you turn off the water, it shrinks back up. That means it takes up way less space when you're not using it, which is great for storage.

    Expandable Water Pipe for Gardening and CarWash

    But wait, there's more! It also comes with a special spray nozzle that has 7 different modes for different tasks like washing your car, watering your plants, and more. The modes include full, cone, center, mist, jet, shower, and flat, so you're covered for all your needs.

    Plus, this water pipe is built to last. It's made of strong plastic and rubber, so it can handle whatever you throw at it.

    For all the tech-savvy folks out there, you can find more details and specs listed below. And if you're interested, you can check out its current price on the Amazon website."

    Features of Expandable Water Pipe for Gardening and CarWash

    1. This water pipe has a tangle-free design.
    2. The length of the pipe is 25ft.
    3. The spray nozzle is included in the box.
    4. 7 different spray options for different needs.
    5. Affordable price and compatible with all taps.
    6. This pipe comes in green and blue color.
    7. You can use it for car wash, gardening, and other work.

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