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    Mini Electric Kettle for car to boil water, make tea & coffee

    Now you can boil water, make tea coffee, and noodles in your car using this portable mini electric kettle. It connects to the 12V socket of your car and consumes less power (make sure the car engine is running while using this product).

    Mini Electric Kettle for car to boil water make tea, coffee

    This electric kettle heats up water super fast, so you can boil it quickly. It turns off automatically and has a special switch to turn it on and off. So, if you're on a long road trip or out exploring where there are no tea shops, you can make fresh tea in your car. I'll share more about what's good and not so good about this kettle, and you can find its price on Amazon.

    Pros and Cons of Mini Electric Kettle for car

    • On the top, it has a ventilation valve preventing hot water overflow and ensuring safety.
    • Equipped with an upgraded seal and tight lid, this kettle's cup is leakproof.
    • Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel and boasting double-layer insulation.
    • This electric kettle has a capacity of 350ml and is designed to fit most car cup holders.
    • It has an auto shut-off feature when water reaches boiling point.
    • Suitable for camping, picnics, or even at home, offering versatility for any occasion.
    • Compatible with all cars and SUVs having 12V universal sockets.

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