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    Samsung Galaxy Fit3: Affordable Fitness Tracker Review

    Are you looking for an affordable fitness tracker from a top brand like Samsung? We have come across the most stylish, feature-loaded Galaxy Fit3 smartwatch. It is lightweight, with a bright AMOLED display, long battery life, and waterproof capabilities. We have provided an in-depth review of this fitness-tracking watch.

    Samsung Galaxy Fit3

    Galaxy Fit3 Display

    Samsung Galaxy Fit3 Display

    The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 features a 40mm large AMOLED display in a rectangular shape with a resolution of 256x402. It offers enhanced brightness for outdoor conditions during the day compared to other fitness bands in this price range. You can choose from 100+ watch faces, each displaying multiple pieces of information.

    Build Quality

    Samsung Galaxy Fit3 build qualtiy

    Its outer case is constructed of aluminum, making it highly durable for all sports activities and capable of withstanding various weather conditions with its IP68 ratings. The strap is crafted from soft silicone, providing a comfortable and lightweight feel when worn. 

    You can also change the strap by pressing the quick strap release button. It is available in three different colors: Grey, Silver, and Rose Gold.

    Health Tracking Features

    Samsung galaxy fit 3 review

    The Galaxy Fit3 has all the necessary sensors to track your sports activity, steps, sleep, heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen, and more. You can track all fitness activity and data in the Samsung Health mobile application. This smartwatch also has a fall detection feature to get help when needed.

    Connectivity and Notifications

    Connectivity and Notifications of Samsung Galaxy Fit3

    You can connect this smartwatch to your smartphone using the Galaxy Wearable app to control music, check calls, message back, and also work as a camera shutter button for mobile. This watch can't answer phone calls because it doesn't have a microphone or speakers, but at this price range, we can't expect that feature for now.

    Battery Life

    Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Fit3

    Galaxy Fit3 watch has excellent battery life, lasting up to 13 days with Fast Charging (65% in 30 minutes). If we compare it to the Samsung Watch4, which has a battery life of only 1-2 days, it's perfect for those who need a watch that tracks fitness activity, provides notification of calls and messages, and offers excellent battery life.


    According to our in-depth review, we found the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 watch to be a value-for-money product for consumers. It has excellent quality that justifies its pricing. Its main USPs are display quality, fitness tracking features, and battery life. It is recommended for athletes, students, or anyone who needs a premium fitness watch with all basic features except calling or speakers.

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