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    Smallest Air Pump for Bicycles - Wireless Tire Inflator

    Now you can inflate the tires of your bicycle anywhere, anytime with this smallest electric air pump. It is wireless and can be recharged with any USB port using a Type-C cable. You can use it for bicycles, footballs, and other inflatable objects.

    Smallest Air Pump for Bicycles - Wireless Tire Inflator

    This mini air pump has a 350mAh built-in battery that can be recharged in just 25 minutes. Although you can only inflate tires a couple of times on a single charge, in case of an emergency, it's more than adequate.

    This pump comes with heat-insulated silicone sleeves that protect it from damage and also provide a shield from heat. So, the next time you ride your bike on unknown terrain or go to explore new places, don't forget to keep this smallest air pump in your pocket.

    Pros and cons of Smallest Air Pump for Bicycles

    • The weight is only 130 grams and it is easy to carry anywhere.
    • The cordless design makes it convenient to use without a socket.
    • It takes only 50-160 seconds to inflate bike tires.
    • This air pump has fast charging and takes 25 minutes to fully charge a 350mAh battery.
    • Suitable for all types of bicycles and inflatable balls.
    • Amazon's rating is 4.3 out of 5.
    • The price is a bit higher for this kind of product in India.

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