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Powerful Dual Cooling Fan for Desks & Travel (USB-Powered)

This summer, beat the heat with this powerful dual-cooling fan for your home, office desk, study table, or outdoor activities. You can connect it to any USB power source, such as a power bank, laptop, or charging adapter. The fan has an adjustable head that can rotate in any desired direction. It is portable, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere.

Powerful Dual Cooling Fan for Desks & Travel (USB-Powered)

I have found this fan to be incredibly versatile in various situations. For instance, when working long hours at my desk, the fan provides a refreshing breeze that helps me stay focused and comfortable. During outdoor activities like picnics or camping, its portability and ease of connection to a power bank make it an essential companion to combat the heat. 

Even in study sessions, the adjustable head ensures that I can direct the airflow exactly where needed, enhancing my concentration. Overall, this dual-cooling fan has proven to be a reliable and effective solution in different settings, making it a valuable addition to my summer gear.

Pros and Cons of Powerful Dual Cooling Fan

  1. This mini fan has 3 speeds, from gentle breeze to strong wind (up to 36 km/h).
  2. It has 2 fan modes: choose between a single strong airflow or a double airflow for wider coverage.
  3. Even at high speed, the fan is quiet (less than 40 dB) so it won't disturb you.
  4. This USB-powered fan works with computers, laptops, power banks, and more.
  5. The fan head tilts up and down (360°) to blow air exactly where you need it.
  6. Small and portable, you can take this fan anywhere with a USB port.
  7. Perfect for your desk, office, bedroom, dorm room, or even on camping trips!
  8. This fan is great for studying, working, or playing games to keep you cool.
  9. It comes in white and gray colors.
  10. For best performance, use a 2A USB port (most chargers are).

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