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    Motion Detect Solar Power Outdoor LED Light


    Motion Detect Solar Power Outdoor LED Light

    This is the best Sollar light with an Automatic on-Off button For the first time use, please click the on/off switch with the pin and then charge the solar product by placing it under direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. This Solar Light has only BRIGHT and OFF mode. It will be activated only after movement is detected in dark. After lighting for around 20 to 25 seconds, it turns off automatically.

    Solar Light 12 LED Features

    • Powerful Sensor Ball Head - We have updated the sensor ball head, thus getting a longer sensor length of 1-2 meters with a 120-degree sensing angle.
    • Waterproof and Durable - IP64 Water-resistant and heat-resistant. Built with two layers and a tightly-sealed loop to withstand years of use. Always illuminate your way home.
    • Easy Installation & Eco Friendly - Solar-powered outdoor light, no electricity required. You can simply mount on the wall or fence with included screws, no wiring necessary.
    • Automatic Lighting - Auto on at night(On detection of Motion) / auto off at sunrise; Light activates only when sensing motion at night. This acts as a security light. 6 Months Exchange Warranty on Manufacturing Defects only.

    Original User Review 

    • The Solar light seemed good initially but stopped working after 15-20 Days....tho i kept under sunlight to didn't light up in dark.
    • In case u stay in tyre 2 or 3 city where electricity uptime is so poor So u can buy this but I would suggest opting for other products because this u can use just in small room hardly it covers 6×6 area properly.
    • This is a good product! The smart feature whereby it automatically dims the light in periods of inactivity and becomes bright as soon as motion is detected in its 3m radius is a commendable addition. But at the same time, light dimming after every 30-seconds does start to bother you. The time period should have been at least 5minutes. Work best in small rooms (when placed at a good height) and not advisable to be used while reading.
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