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Face Mask Holder & Ear Protector (Head Strap Hook)

Face Mask Holder & Ear Protector -Head Strap, Hook

If you are wearing a face mask for a longer period of time then you may feel some itching or redness at the backside of your ear. This thing happened because the strap of the face mask continuously applying pressure on your ear. This face mask holder can protect your ear from any type of redness because it holds the strap on both sides so that you will feel comfortable while wearing the face mask throughout the day. It comes in a different color and a design that you can choose from. It is made up of a nonbreakable material, very flexible and reusable. you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

Special Features about Face Mask Holder & Ear Protector 

  • Wearing a face mask for a longer period of time can cause stress around the ear.  
  • face mask strap holder provides a comfortable lightweight mask strap for ear savers. 
  • This face mask extension hook is a 4 level adjustable mask extension strip or a mask extension buckle
  • The mask strap holder fits all sizes and takes the shape of your head as a mask strap overhead.
  •  The reusable mask strap adjuster is a unique flexible wraparound hook, perfect mask strap clip. 

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