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    Automatic Jar Opener: Electric One Touch Bottle Opener

    Automatic Jar Opener: Electric One Touch Bottle Opener

    Sometimes, opening a jar of jams, pickles, and mayonnaise is very difficult, at that time this Electric One Touch jar opener comes in handy and save your time. Just place the gadget over your stubborn closed jar lid. Press the power button and you will notice external and internal grips slowing taking a position on the jar glass and the lid. Just keep the button pressed at all times. The internal grip will start working on rotating the lid to open. Sometimes, the jar glass surface may be slippery and the jar may start rotating on the table. In such a case, please hold the jar firmly. 

    Gentle Hint of process

    1.When you open the jar which was put in the refrigerator for a long time, we suggest you dry the jar with a dishcloth 

    2.Put the batteries in the correct direction, or it won't work 

    3.Press the button until the grip touch the jar 

    4. The opener can open jar's diameter 28-103mm, not for jar is oval or quadrate"

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