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3D Screen Magnifier For Mobile 12-inches


3D Screen Magnifier For Mobile

Now you can magnify the mobile screen by 2-4 times with help of this 3D magnifier screen. It is useful for watching movies and videos. This screen magnifier folding device is compact in design, lightweight, and can be used with any mobile phone. It is made up of strong  ABS, non-breakable material, and comes in different colors. If you have a phone screen size of 5-6 inches then it can increase it to 12 inches. More features and specs are listed below.

Features of 3D Screen Magnifier for Mobile

  1. It provides HD vision picture quality. 
  2. It does not emit any radiation.
  3. This screen magnifier has an ultra-thin design.
  4. it doesn't require any power supply
  5. It is lightweight in design.
  6. high definition zoom optical technology
  7. More realistic and dynamic HD lens
  8. Improves image quality and 3D effect.
  9.  zooms 3-5x on the mobile phone screen.

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