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    3D Fan Display Projector

    3D Fan Display Projector

    This 3D Fan Display Projector is a unique display that is a combination of 576 rotating LEDs. When it rotates on a particular RPM, It creates a big LED display that you can use to show any video/animation/holograms. It is suitable for showrooms, exhibitions and other places to attract customers. 

    This 3D fan display is lightweight, easy to install, and takes less space. It has 1800 Lumen of brightness which means it is clearly visible during the daylight. It comes with 6 months of warranty and is easy to connect with any mobile device(ios/android). More features and specs are given below.

    Features of 3D Fan Display Projector 

    1. It has a high-density 576 rotating LED.
    2. It shows the HD 3D visual effect. 
    3. The resolution of the fan display is 1600X576.
    4. This display is clearly visible in outdoor conditions.
    5. It can be used in showrooms, malls, other crowded areas.
    6. It can be controlled by Laptop or mobile phone.
    7. It is compatible with IOS and android devices.
    8. It has wifi feature to connect directly.
    9. This display is perfect for advertisement purposes.

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