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High Speed RC Stunt Car with hand Gesture Control

This is a very smart RC stunt car that comes with a watch remote control. This four-wheel-drive RC car is capable of doing many stunts like climbing, twisting, moving, and 360 rotation. It is also equipped with LED lights and music that makes it the perfect toy for adventurous kids.

High Speed RC Stunt Car with hand Gesture Control

It has an anti-slip hollow tire design that provides extra grip And a four-wheel-drive makes it more versatile to do many stunts. It generates really amazing torque that helps to climb any terrain.

It has a 1400mah big battery that provides long-lasting performance.  The remote control has a 2.4 GHz technology that provides good sensitivity and responsiveness. This stunt car works perfectly on every surface.

more detail and feature about this car is listed below we can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

 RC Stunt Car Special Features 

  • This stunt car has a gesture control remote.
  •  it comes in blue and red color.
  •  it has a LED light and music functions.
  •  it has a 2.4 gigahertz remote that provides good connectivity.
  •  it has a battery of 7.4 volts 1400 mah.
  •  the anti-slip tire provides extra grip to the tire.
  •  it can work perfectly on sand grass and Road.
  •  it has a four-wheel drive option that provides more flexibility.
  •  is it can do different types of stunts like 360-degree rotation to steam climbing.
  •  this is a perfect adventure toy that you can buy.
  • It is suitable for the age group of above 6 years.
  •  it has a weight of 990 grams.

If you are looking for an RC stunt car that can perform different types of stunts like 360-degree rotation and capable of climbing any terrain then this is the right product for you.  It has a  long-lasting battery life With amazing speed.