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    Automatic Sanitizer Spray Machine for Car & Home


    Automatic Sanitizer Spray Machine for Car & Home

    This automatic sanitizer is very useful to sanitize your car steering and seats. it is very compact in size and spill-proof it can hold up to 30 ml of sanitizer at once. it can also be used to sanitize mobile currency and other gadgets. IT takes a very less amount of sanitizer so that your sanitizer will last long. 

    It has a good battery life and can be charged with the cable it comes with.  It can also be worked as a humidifier by putting cold water inside this. It has a one-touch function that means it is very easy to operate. More features about this product are listed below that you can consider. it comes in a different color you can choose from. 

    Automatic Sanitize Machine for Car Features

    • It has compact in size and spillproof.
    • It can sanitize things more quickly and efficiently.
    • It is easy to handle with just a single click button.
    • It has 30 ml sanitizer filling the tank
    • It has good battery life.
    • It can be charged with a simple TYpe C charging cable.
    • This can also be used as a Water Mist to refresh the Skin.
    • You can also use water inside this during the humidity.
    • It comes with a charging cable in the box.
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