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Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display (500ml)

Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display (500ml)

This Water Bottle with an LED Temperature Display is very useful for summer as well as winters because it can hold warm or cold water for many hours. It has a built-in temperature sensor display that can show the temperature on the top of the bottle when you tap it. The storage capacity of this water bottle is 500ML and it comes in many other colors. Now you don't need to take risk of checking the temperature with your hand or mouth. It can be used for milk, water, cold drink, juice, and any type of liquid. 

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Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display Features

  1. It has an automatic blue color Temperature Display Indicator that shows the exact temperature of the liquid inside. It can be automatically turn off after a few seconds to save battery. This led display is completely waterproof and has long battery life. It is lightweight and very compact to carry.
  2. The inner part of the bottle is made of stainless steel which can hold the temperature of 42 degrees Celsius for up to 6 hours and cooling temperature below 10 degrees Celsius for up to 5 hours which is more than sufficient if we compare this with any other thermos in this segment. 
  3. The inner side of the bottle is made up of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material. It has been approved by the FDA for any type of liquid used. This LED bottle is BPA-free.
  4. Excellent quality Lithium battery with huge capacity, the screen automatically turns off when not in use. It has a battery life of 2 years. 
  5. It comes with double-wall vacuum technology That keeps the liquid at an optimum temperature for a long period of time. This bottle can be used for Milk, Water, Juice, Coldrinks, Tea, Coffee, etc. The base of the bottle is made up of an anti-slip material that prevents the impact of a fall.
  6.  Large capacity 500 ml to meet your daily moisturizing needs, trendy, stylish design, best birthday or holiday present for family or friends.
  7. This is the best-LED Bottle with Temperature Display Indicator. It comes in different types of colors like black pink red and many other textured patterns you can choose from.

Many consumers are using this product for such a long time and If you check out this product on online websites then you will get a rating of 4.1/5 out of 5 which is more than sufficient To prove the quality of the product.

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