Electric Car Jack with Air Compressor 12V

This Electric Car Jack with Air Compressor is an essential tool for the car. Electric hydraulic jacks can help to lift any car/SUV in few minutes, so you change the car tyre easily. We know that the manual jack that comes with your car is hard to use and takes much time to operate, but this Electric Car Jack 12V is easy, quick, and compact in size. It also has a feature to inflate car tyre and an analog meter to measure tyre pressure up to 150 PSI. Convenient built-in LED light helps to operate at night. More features and specs are listed below.

Features of Electric Car Jack with Air Compressor 12V 

  1. The lifting capacity of this Electric hydraulic jack is 5 Ton (11000lbs) 
  2. It takes approx 2 minutes to lift the car.
  3. This electric jack takes power from the lighter port in the car.
  4. This product is waterproof and can be used on a rainy day. 
  5. The lifting range of this electric jack is 6.1 to 17.7 inches (155 - 450mm).
  6. It has a built-in tyre inflator pump and LED light.
  7. It can measure max pressure 10 Bar/150 PSI.
  8. It is suitable for any car, SUVs, MPV, ATV, and any other vehicle.
  9. Electric Jack is durable and made up of high-quality material.