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Car Electronic Jack

Car Electronic Jack


This Car Electronic Jack can lift your car without any hassle. It has a 3 TON of lifting power. It is compact in size and has an inbuilt torch. This is compatible with any Sedan, Hatchback, and SUV.

Car Electronic Jack Features

  • Jack design inbuilt with the self-locking power structure and safety uploading knob.
  • Connects to car cigarette lighter to operate.
  • Inbuilt super bright led light for night illumination.
  • Portable, compact, and easy to operate.
  • Lifting capacity: 5-15 inch,time span: 1:45 seconds.
  • 12V Car socket port.
  • 3 TON Lifting power.
  • INbuilt LED Light.
  • Lift 155mm to 450mm.
  • It comes with a 2 Year Standard warranty.

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