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    Mini Washing Machine for Fruits and Vegetables: Food Hygiene Solution

    Mini Washing Machine for Fruits and Vegetables | Fast Cleaning

    This innovative fruit washing machine has fast cycle scrubbing, a curved flow divider, and a spinning vortex wash for deep cleaning. It is very important to wash fruit and vegetable before consuming them, because they may have harmful chemicals. This machine is specially designed to do this task efficiently. It is compact, lightweight, and takes less space in your kitchen. 

    This fruit washing machine is compatible with all sizes of fruits including, grapes, mangos, guava, apple, and many more. It has a self-drain system for quick usage and helps to save water consumption. In terms of quality, It is made up of premium ABS plastic which is safe to be used for fruits and vegetables.

    More features and specifications about this mini washing machine are given below o consider and you can check its latest price on the Amazon website. 

    Features of Mini Washing Machine for Fruits and Vegetables

    1. Wash fruit and vegetable hand free with less effort.
    2. Clean multiple fruits at the same time.
    3. Wash fruits without keeping your hand wet.
    4. Deep clean with 720-degree scrubbing and full-sided bristle brush.
    5. Self-drain system to eject dirty water automatically.
    6. Large capacity for washing multiple fruits and vegetables.
    7. Dimensions of this product are 13.42 inches x 11.42 inches x 8.15 inches.
    8. The under bowl is large enough o be used as a storage container.
    9. The Amazon Rating of this cool kitchen gadget is 4.4 out of 5.

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