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    Start any car with dead battery in seconds | car jump starter

    Car Jump Starter with Powerbank

    This portable car jump starter is capable of jumpstarting your car within a few seconds. It also works as a power bank to charge your smartphone and other devices. it is capable to jumpstart 40 vehicles Continuously under a single charge. it is made up of a strong material that's why it's an extreme weather adaptive capability. it can work perfectly fine at -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees celsius temperature.

    It also has a LED Flashlight that can help you during the night. This device comes with a 1-year standard warranty. it comes with a smart battery clip which ensures your safety first. The jumper clip has copper tape for fast conduction.  it has a capacity of 11100 mah battery. more feature about this device is listed below.

    Car Jump Starter Features to consider

    • It can Jump your Vehicle up to 40 times on a Single Charge. 
    • It works on both types of vehicles For Petrol Engines up to 4.0L and Diesel Engines up to 2.0L.
    • It also works as a power bank 11,100mAh to charge your mobile phones.
    • Start current 250A | Peak Current 600A.
    • It is capable to Jumpstart a 100% dead battery in seconds.
    • Compact in size and easy to carry anywhere you want.
    • It also has an LED torch light for nighttime.
    • It has a strong build quality and Working Temperature: -20⁰C to 60⁰C
    • Three modes of the LED; Normal Mode, Flashing Mode, and SOS Mode.
    • The weight of this device is 940g
    • 1-year Standard warranty.

    How to use Car Jump Starter

    • Connect the provided jumper cable to the portable jump starter.
    • Next, connect the terminals to the car battery correctly - Red Cable to Red Battery Terminal and Black Cable to Black Battery Terminal.
    • Then, start your car.
    • Last, Switch the Jump Starter Off.

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