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2-in-1 Best Charging Cable for iPhone and Android

2-in-1 Best Charging Cable for iPhone and Android

Do you want to charge your iPhone and android mobile with the same charging cable, then you must have this 2-in-1 Charging cable for iPhone and android in 1 line.

This cable support 60W charging with fast data transfer via USB (up to 480Mbps). It is compatible with all iPhone and android (type-c) models available in the market.

Nylon braided cable is considered to be the most strongest and durable to use. It comes with 2 length options (4ft and 6.6 ft). Now you don't have to carry 2 separate cables for 2 different devices. It is suitable for all iPhones from 8 to 14 pro and Android having a type C connector. You can also use this as a PD fast charging for a laptop (type-c to type-c).

More features and detailed specifications about this product are given below to consider and you can check the latest price of this product from the link given below.

Features of 2-in-1 Best Charging Cable for iPhone and Android 

  1. This charging cable has 2 length options 4ft and 6.6 ft.
  2. Cables are protected with Nylon braided outer layer.
  3. TPE-coated connectors are long-lasting and durable.
  4. This cable can be used to transfer data at high speed.
  5. It supports all iPhones from 8 to the latest version iPhone 14 pro.
  6. This cable support PD fast charging for laptop and smartphone.
  7. The Weight of the product is only ‎53 grams.
  8. Amazon's rating of this product is 4.4 out of 5 given by 1,010 customers.

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