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LED Light for Cabinet, Almira , Closet, and Wardrobe

LED Light for Cabinet, Almira

This LED Light is best for cabinets, Almira, Closet, and Wardrobe. It has an auto turn on and off mechanism and the battery will last many months. It is attached to the hinges and the light is bright enough to lit up the cabinet. This LED light is made up of high-quality ABS material and comes in a pack of 10 PCS. Now you don't have to carry a flashlight to find stuff in dark, just need to open the door and the compartment will lit up automatically. More features and specifications about this gadget 
is listed below.

Features of LED Light for Cabinet

  1. It has built-in three LED lights that will lit up the compartment very well.
  2. It requires a Battery of 12V 23A.
  3. Battery backup will last up to many months.
  4. It is made up of good quality abs material.
  5. This LED light comes in a pack of 10 pieces.
  6. The weight of the product is 40 grams only.
  7. The installation process is very easy.
  8. It can be used in a kitchen, office, and home

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