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LED Light for Cabinet, Almira , Closet, and Wardrobe

LED Light for Cabinet, Almira , Closet, and Wardrobe

This LED Light is best for Cabinet, Almira, Closet, and Wardrobe. It has auto turn on and off mechanism and the battery will last many months. It is attached to the hinges and the light is bright enough to lit up the cabinet.

Led Light Features

  • Made of high-quality ABS material, environmental-friendly, sturdy, and durable to use, Package content: 12 x Light, 12 x Screws, Not included battery (Battery type: 12V 23A)
  • Easy to install and convenient to use, after installing it on your cabinet hinge with battery, when opening the cabinet, the lamp will turn on automatically. When closing the cabinet, the light turns off
  • No need to take a flashlight or find stuff in dark, just need to open the door, you will find the things you want conveniently
  • Our hinge light has 3pcs LED beads and it is operated by 12V 23A battery, having properties of high brightness and lower power consumption, it is really a practical cabinet light
  • Can be used in your home cabinet, closet, cupboard, or wardrobe with a hinge. 
  • suitable for hinges like the picture, the screw in the hinge must can be screwed off, the LED light base needs to be mounted in there.

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