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    Floating Moon Lamp with Touch Control

    Floating Moon Lamp with Touch Control

    This floating moon lamp is the coolest gadget you have ever seen. It floats in the air without any support and also glows with a realistic lighting effect same as the moon. This is specially designed with electromagnetic induction technology to transmit power to this gadget. This next-level moon lamp can be used as a table decoration or you can use it as a gift item for your family and friends.

    It has a dedicated on/off touch button for easy access. This moon lamp also has a feature to change colors from white to warm yellow. More features and specs about this product is given below to consider.

    Features of Floating Moon Lamp with Touch Control

    1. This Moon lamp will float into the air without any support.
    2. It can be used for table decoration and night lamps.
    3. The size of this lamp is 5.7 inches in diameter.
    4. It has 3 lighting modes to choose from.
    5. Easy touch button to turn the light on and off.
    6. Power is transmitted to the moon via electromagnetic induction technology.
    7. Made up of high-quality ABS material with realistic effect.
    8. It is suitable for table decoration and a perfect gift idea.
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