Motion Sensor LED Light (Rechargeable)

Motion Sensor Ceiling Light LED

This Motion Sensor Ceiling Light is multipurpose. You can use it on the Ceiling, Wall, Stairs, Kitchen, and bed Side. It can detect any motion and automatically turn on and off. It is suitable for homes, Garages, and offices. It has a built-in magnetic strap that can attach to the metal surface. It required 4 Pcs AAA batteries. It has a combined 10 LEDs that provide enough brightness so you can see your path clearly during the night. 

Motion Sensor Ceiling Light is useful to save electricity because of its automatic feature and you don't have to manually turn it off. More specs and features are listed below and you can check the latest price on amazon websites.

 Features of Motion Sensor LED Light (Rechargeable)

  • Motion Sensor LED Step Light is based on infrared technology.
  • It can be detected by the motion of humans in the dark. 
  • Automatically turn on within 7-10 feet.
  • Auto-off after 15-30 seconds of no motion detected.
  • Easy recharge with micro USB cable.
  • Easy to install: With a magnetic strip, No tools, screws, or nuts are needed. 
  • Stick-on anywhere. Perfect for stairs, pantry, closet in the bathroom, basement entryway, etc.
  • The light won't turn on if the light sensor has been detected by enough light.
  • Never install the light near a place where is damp or with a high temperature to ensure the sticky tape work well.

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