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    IR Blaster for Android Phones to Control Any Electronics

    Now you can control all electronic devices using only your mobile phone. This IR Controller device can convert your smartphone into a remote controller for AC, TV, set-top-box, Fan, camera, and any other device that comes with the remote.

    Convert Your Smartphone into Remote control of ACTVCameraFan

     This IR blaster device is compatible with Type-C Android phones and has a range of 10 meters which is more than sufficient for your home. It works with a mobile application that has preinstalled remotes for different appliances.

    This device is compact and does not require any battery to operate. You can carry this IR adapter in your pocket, keyring to use anywhere you want. It works on infrared ray blaster technology with variable frequency just like remote controls. 

    There are so many ways that this mini IR remote controller will make your life easy. More features and specs about this product are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

    Features of IR Blaster for Android Phones

    1. This IR adapter is compatible with most electronic appliances.
    2. The remote control range is approx 10 meters which is perfect for homes, offices, and shops.
    3. Small can compact in design easy to carry in a keychain while traveling.
    4. It doesn't require any battery instead takes power from the type-C port of your mobile.
    5. This IR controller works with a mobile application to control the appliances.
    6. The weight of the product is only 20 grams.
    7. All-in-one remote control for AC, TV, Speakers, Cooler, Fan, Speakers, and cameras.
    8. Easy to use just attach the device, install the app, and select your device specs.

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