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Portable Folding Bag (Save Money)


Portable Folding Bag (Save Money)

This Portable Folding Bag can save your money because now you don't have to buy a temp bag from shopping centers. This bag can be folded into a small area and easily fit into your pocket.

Portable Folding Bag Features

  • Use it as you like. The reusable bag is easy to wind and pull and ready to use. With ingenious design, the shopping bag can be rolled into a palm-sized disc. When you use it, pull it gently and stretch it instantly
  • The top-level single-shoulder strap design not only makes you a fashion shopper, and it can also make you full of personality in outdoor, beach, travel, and sports activities.
  • The travel storage shopping bag meets daily shopping needs with 5 liters of storage space and high-density nylon material
  • The high-strength ABS plastic disc and aluminum alloy lifting ring can avoid the reusable insulated grocery bag to be impacted and extruded.
  • You can even stuff it into your pocket before using it. Weight: 80 grams. The diameter of the small disc: 10*3.7cm. The size after stretching: 31*40*10cm.

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