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Smart Automatic Dustbin for Home and Offices

Smart Sensor Dustbin Automatic Garbage Can

This smart sensor dustbin will automatically open when it detects your hand. You can use it for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, and Bedroom. This is the smartest piece of technology that helps to clean the environment and sealed all the harmful bacteria and smells inside it. This dustbin has infrared technology to detect any movement to automatically open the top lid. It has a capacity of 14 liters which is more than adequate for daily usage.

Now you can use a dustbin without touching which helps to protect your hand from bacteria and viruses.

This Automatic Dustbin has a quick response time of 0.3 sec to open and close. It can also be operated in manual mode by pressing the open button on the lid. More features and specs about this product are listed below to consider. You can check its latest price from the amazon website.

Features of Smart Sensor Dustbin Automatic 

  1. The cover will open automatically when detecting hand movement above 30 CM.
  2. The intelligent sensor detects any hand movement.
  3. It has a sealed design to lock the smell inside.
  4. It can also work as a manual where there is no electricity.
  5. This Smart Sensor Dustbin has the fastest response time of 0.3 sec.
  6. It comes in 2 colors that you can choose from.
  7. This is suitable for  Kitchen Bathroom Office Bedroom.

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