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Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan


Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan

This  Solar Car Ventilator will keep your car cool during hot weather. It takes away all the hot air in your car and replaces it with fresh air. It doesn't require any battery and easy to install. It is made up of a strong abs material which is more durable and long-lasting. 

It also protects your car fabric and dashboard to get overheat. If you park your vehicle under direct sunlight then this is the right product for you. now you don't have to wait for your car to cool down before you get in. more technical specification about this product is listed below we can also check the latest price on Amazon website.

Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan Features

  • It takes power from son  and no batteries required
  • Fit any car window or any type.
  • It Blows hot air out of the parked car and draws the cool fresh air in.
  • It can reduce the overheat in the car when parked on a sunny day.
  • The Auto Cool uses sunlight to keep your car's air clean.
  • The vent unit is designed to be secure onto the top of a car window.

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