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    Spy Pen-Mini Hidden Camera Pen HD


    Spy Pen-Mini Hidden Camera Pen

    This Spy camera pen is capable of taking video and pictures with a hidden camera. It can record video up to 720P. It is very lightweight and easy to use. It can support memory cards up to 32 GB.

    Mini Hidden Spy Camera Pen Features

    • This pen camera has a high video resolution of 720 x 480 and saves them in the AVI format. 
    • NO LIGHTS DURING RECORDINGS. THIS IS NOT USUAL, IT'S EXTREMELY RARE to find a nonlighting item among camera pens.
    •  Take instant pictures and video rec with this recorder and the LED light will flash only to show you starting, pausing, or ending mode.
    •  While recording videos is a stealth digital camcorder. 
    • An undetectable nanny private investigator gear tool, for adults and kids.
    • It has a record button on the top that can be used to click pictures or to start or stop recording a video. 
    • You can easily switch from still camera to video mode, with one click of this button. SUPER THIN - LIGHTWEIGHT and DISCREET Save yourself from impractical big and heavy devices.
    • The gold-and-black combo gives the video camera pen a very stylish and classy look. With such features, the pen is a handy and necessary accessory, especially if you are a journalist or investigator.

    • The awesome pen has a slot for your micro SD card. You can easily transfer your media files onto your computer, as the gadget has its own inbuilt USB port.
    •  The USB device also charges the gadget, while attached to your computer.

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