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    Wireless Powerbank for Mobile

    Wireless Powerbank for Mobile

    This is Wireless Powerbank for Mobile and it can charge your smartphone quickly. It has an Ultra-light & Slim Design with 9 Layers of Safety Protection. It has a 10,000 mAh Li-Polymer battery which more than sufficient to charge your device twice. 

    Wireless Powerbank for Mobile Features

    • The comfort of Wireless Charging on the go and compatible with all smartphones which have the wireless charging option.
    • Do away with wires and place your Qi-compatible device on FINGERS Pro Wireless Power Bank to charge it wirelessly. 
    • You don’t even have to take off your mobile cover! Crafted for a safe grip on its wireless charging surface, it ensures that your phone stays in place and powers up.
    •  With up to 18 W of power and bundled Type-C cable, it offers a quick charge for all PD-enabled smartphones multiple times over. It also charges larger devices, like tablets and laptops.
    • Ultra-light & Slim Design, Intelligent Safety with 9 Layers Safety Protection, Play with trendy stickers bundled.

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