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    USB LED Bulb


    USB LED Bulb

    This USB bulb can be attached to any power bank, Laptop, or mobile charger. It comes with High Quality 6 Feet Thick Long Cable. You can also connect this bulb to your smartphone with OTG Cable. It takes less power and Brightness is also impressive.

    USB LED Bulb Feature 

    • Simple Connection
    • Easy to Install And Remove
    • Compact And Light Weight
    • Compatible with all USB devices
    • Material: Plastic
    • Bright light
    • Product Is 100%  Made In India.


    USB LED light is a convenient lamp you can carry anywhere. Power it with any portable power bank for 340 lumens of illumination! Easy solution for your camping lighting, or an outdoor emergency.


     Our USB light comes with a generous 30 Inch’’ cord, to move the light further from the power source. Easy to carry and easy to hang them anywhere!


     The LED light will produce a wide-angle beam equivalent to 10-watt incandescent bulbs. See more clearly when you are camping outdoor at night over a larger surface area!


     Any USB port can power the LED Lights: Laptops, AC chargers or portable power banks, laptop, notebook, car charger! Stop worrying about socket compatibility for your camping lights, you can find USB ports anywhere!

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