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Automatic Water Bottle Can Dispenser Pump | with Rechargeable Battery for 20 Liter Bottle


Wireless Water Can Dispenser

This Wireless Water Can Dispenser is perfect for 20 Litre Bottle. So you have to lift the bottle every time you pour water. This automatic wireless water can dispenser pump comes with a rechargeable battery.

Wireless Water Can Dispenser Features

  • No heavy lifting of water cans & hence ideal for women/ senior citizens.
  • Fits standard Bubble top cans in Home, Office, School, Factory or Hospital, etc.
  • Waterproof silicon capped button dispenses water in a single press.
  • ELEGANCE Food grade silicone tube is developed exclusively for longer usage.
  • DC adapter is safe to use and consumes negligible electricity.
  • It has a soft click button that effectively dispenses water in a single touch.
  • The super silent yet powerful motor ensures to dispense water swiftly.
  • What's more, it even works during power cut thanks to the inbuilt rechargeable battery.