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    Turn Mobile into TV | Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    Turn Mobile into TV  Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    This is a Portable Phone Holder that comes with Bluetooth Speaker. It has a Retro Radio style design and you can Just slide your phone into it. Bluetooth speakers have 8 watts of power which are more than enough to watch movies and listen to your favorite music. It also has other modes like FM Radio,  AUX, MicroSD, and USB. It has a Massive Playback Time of up to 15 hours and comes with Built-in Mic for hands-free calls. More features and specs about this Bluetooth Portable Speaker are listed below.

    Bluetooth Portable Speaker Specs

    1. Ultra-Portable Phone Holder up to 16.2 cm (6.4)
    2. Bluetooth Portable Speaker 8W
    3. Best in class Retro Radio
    4. Just slide your phone 
    5. Spacious, Booming Stereo Sound 
    6. playback modes:Bluetooth | FM Radio | AUX | MicroSD | USB

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