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    Dual Couple Umbrella :1 umbrella for two people

    Dual Couple Umbrella 1 umbrella for two people

    We know it's very difficult for 2 persons to walk under 1 umbrella during rain. This Dual Couple Umbrella specially made for two persons and covers more area. It is made up of good quality Stainless steel material and 100% Waterproof polyester. It comes in many different colors. This Dual umbrella is the perfect gift for couples. More detailed features are listed below.

    Dual Couple Umbrella Features

    1. It can protect 2 people from rain, Sunlight, and UV rays.
    2. It is Lightweight and made up of high-quality steel tubes.
    3. This is a perfect gift for a couple.
    4. Soft-grip handles for a comfortable hold.
    5. wrist strap provides hands-free carrying    
    6. Made of100% Waterproof polyester material.

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