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    Automatic Plant Water Device | Self-Watering Spikes |

    Now you don't have to give water to your plants daily. This  Automatic Plant Water Device provides water to your plant for many days. it can be fit to any size of bottles And you can adjust the flow of water according to your requirement.

    Automatic Plant Water Device | Self-Watering Spikes |

    Suppose, if you are going on a trip for 10 days then who will provide water to your plants.  This self-watering Spike is a clear solution to this problem. It is made up of a good quality abs material which is long-lasting and Comes in a different color that you can choose from. This can also help you to save a good amount of water daily.

    Why We Recommend this Automatic Plant Water Device

    We always recommend unique and value for money gadgets for you.  This gadget comes at a very cheap price and can be a lifesaver for a plant. You can also check the latest price from the Amazon website from the button given below.

    Automatic Plant Water Device Features ➤

    • It is very easy to use and installed in a few seconds.
    • Now, you don't have to water the plant daily.
    • It is made up of good quality plastic material.
    • It comes in a different color you can choose from.
    • It is suitable for all types of bottles in size.
    • It has a 360 degree adjustable flow.
    • The height of a nozzle is 135 mm.
    • The diameter is 27.6 mm.
    • You can also adjust the water flow as per your requirement.
    • The automatic watering device needs to be inserted vertically into the soil.

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