Now you will never miss your medicine with this Storage Case that can carry 7 pills separately. It is perfect for those who are taking medicine or vitamins daily. 

The size of this Storage case is very small and can be fit easily in your backpack and pocket. It can also be used for small items like jewelry, tools, and small memory cards. 

Medicine Storage Case | 7 Day Pill Reminder

This is made up of strong ABS material and comes in different colors. It has a unique mechanism to operate with one button in the center to rotate the inner container clockwise. Items in the container will remain untouched and safely secure.

 7 Day Medicine Organizer Box 

Medicine Storage Case | 7 Day Pill Reminder

It is compact in size and Can fit into your laptop bag, handbag, etc. You can use these to scheduled your weekly medicines. 

It can also be used to store small things like stationery such as clips, pins, rubber bands, etc. It can store small tools and items like memory cards etc. Can also be used to store small jewelry such as pendants, chain, earrings, etc. It's truly multipurpose.

  • 7 Storage box, Supply medicine For A Whole Week.
  • Multifunction Rotatable Design, very easy To Take Out The Pills.
  • Suitable To Hold Pills Or Smallstuff.
  • Excellent Companion In Your travel.