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    Best Anti-theft Lock for bikes and Scooter Safety

    Yes, you can prevent our vehicle to be stolen with this best Anti-theft Lock for bikes and scooters. It is made up of solid material which is strong and can't be broken easily. You can also use this brake lock on any type of two-wheeler. we have sorted out the top 2 brakes lock for you to consider.

    1. All Extreme Anti Theft Motorcycle Grip Lock 

    Best Anti-theft Lock for bikes and Scooter Safety

    This type of lock is very easy to use and can be suitable for any type of bike and scooter available in the automobile market in India. it can be applied to the rear brake of the vehicle so that vehicle cannot be moved forward and backward.

    It comes with two pairs of keys so that you can have another key if you lost one. this is considered to be the fastest lock that you can apply within 5 seconds on your vehicle. This lock is made up of Stainless Steel material which is more durable and Rust free,  more featured about this product is listed below that you can consider. 

    Features yo consider

    • Simple to use, highly visible, easy to use 
    • Built-in stainless steel wire, difficult to cut with a saw 
    • Widely used for all scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs 
    •  Stops embarrassing falls - Unlike disc locks, you can't forget it's in place, no bending, no disc dirt or street grime. 
    • Key not required to lock. 
    • Twist grip sizes from 27-38mm 
    •  Used on the front brake lever will keep the bike from being pushed off the center or side stand 
    • Package Includes: 1 x set Handlebar Grip Lever Lock 2 x pcs Key

    2.  Heavy Duty Disc Brake Lock for bikes

    Best Anti-theft Lock for bikes and Scooter Safety

    This can be applied to any vehicle that comes with a disc brake. It is very compact and protected your bike to be stolen. It is made up of strong stainless steel material which is weather protected. 

    This lock has a one-touch button feature to lock, which takes just 2sec to apply on the bike.7 mm lock pin diameter that makes it possible to fix on any wheels with holes. Read important features below.

    Most Important Features of this anti-theft lock 

    • This durable lock comes with 2 keys to ensure peace of mind.
    • 7 mm lock pin diameter that makes it possible to fix on any disc brake
    •  This motorcycle disc lock fits most Motorcycles, Bikes, Sport Bikes, ATVs, UTV, etc. 
    • locking its movement thereby preventing wheel movement.
    •  Also, it can be simply pressed without a key to lock into the disc brake.
    • Its has a unique core design that works in line with the precision lock cylinder.
    • The offered Disc Brake Lock is made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure a durable locking system.
    • It is protected against cutting and hammering.

    3. Front Wheel lock for motorcycles and scooters.

    Best Anti-theft Lock for bikes and Scooter Safety

    This is the most trusted and best anti-theft lock for bikes you can install on your vehicle. It is so strong and impossible to break. This lock comes with 2 keys and the process of installation is easy. 

    The best part about this product is the price. It comes at a very cheap price and is widely available in the offline market. It has U shaped rod that is placed horizontally to lock the tire in its place. check features about this product below.

    wheel lock Features 

    • It can be attached to Bike Front Shocker 
    • Made up of strong material
    • Safety Locks is compatible with all types of vehicles
    • Most trustable bike locking system
    • Reliable performance and long-lasting

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