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    LED Ring Light for Mobile & Camera (18 inches)

    LED Ring Light for Mobile & Camera (18 inches)

    Good lighting is a very essential part when we do photoshoots and videography.  This LED ring light has a size of 18 inches and is compatible with all mobile phones and DSLRs. It also comes with a tripod stand with an adjustable height of up to 9 feet which is more than sufficient to be used indoor and outdoor.  You will also get a remote that can be used to control all the lighting effects and brightness. 

    This led ring light can be powered by a battery and direct electricity. Although batteries are not included in the box.  more features and specification about this product is listed below and you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

    Features of LED Ring Light for Mobile phone.

    1. It has 18 inches size with 3400K to 5600K color temperature.
    2. This can be controlled via a wireless remote.
    3. It has adjustable brightness.
    4. 480 pcs LED beads are perfect for video recordings.
    5. It comes with an adjustable height of 9 feet.
    6. Online Rating is 4.4 out of 5.
    7.  It comes with 3 months of warranty.
    8. Compatible with DSLR, Camera, Mobile.
    9. It has 2 power supply options.

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