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    Mini Charging cable bracelet to charge Mobile Phones

    Mini Charging cable bracelet

    This Mini Charging cable bracelet is perfect for travelers. It is compatible with every android mobile phone. now, you don't have to carry big charging cables when this can do the job very efficiently. It comes in a different color and a design that you can choose from. 

    1.  Mini Charging cable bracelet for Android phones

    This bracelet is made up of silicone rubber which is very comfortable In hand and connectors are made up of stainless steel which ensures good connectivity. you can also send us your data with the help of this cable it supports USB 2.0

    It has a micro USB port that is compatible with 90% of Android mobile phones we recommend you to check your mobile connection before buying this product.  this type of cable is also available for iPhones.  we put both the links given below so that you can check the latest price of both the cables.

    Bracelet Style Micro USB Charger Features

    • Easy to wear on your wrist
    • convenient to carry everywhere.
    •  It has a Durable & rigid design.
    • Waterproof and bend-resistance. 
    • Comfortable and suitable for skin.
    • It is Heat-resistant With high stainless steel connectors.
    • fully support USB 2.0 interface.
    • This cable is perfect for travelers.

    2. Charging cable bracelet for iPhones

    This cable can be attached to any iPhone available in the market and it is capable to charge your phone quickly. It is made up of a high-quality material that is long-lasting and more durable.  This charging cable is 100% waterproof and also look cool on your wrist. you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website given below.

    Mini Charging cable bracelet

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