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Mobile hand charger: Learn to Charge Phone without electricity

Charging the phone without electricity is now possible with this Mobile hand charger. There are generally two ways to generate electricity into a small device. The first idea is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and the second idea is to use a solar power panel. 

In this article, we are going to show you the best gadgets that can charge your smartphone without electricity with the help of mechanical power or solar power. these gadgets really help you when there is no electricity available around you. it is suitable for backpackers, travellers and Those who live in a remote location area.

 1. Emergency Mobile hand charger with USB

Mobile hand charger: Learn to Charge Phone without electricity

This is Mobile hand charger that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy so that you can charge the phone without electricity. It comes with the USB port and 1 LED indicator. 

There is a black lever on the side of the device that you can rotate clockwise to generate electric power. Some people considered it to be time consuming and boring process, that's why we recommend the other two products listed below.

Features of hand charger

  • USB Power Emergency Charger for Mobile Phone
  • Outdoor Hiking Gadget 
  • Comes with charging cable USB C
  • Reusable and convenient for travel
  • lightweight and compact.
  • No electricity required

2. 6W Portable Solar Charger Panel

Mobile hand charger: Learn to Charge Phone without electricity

This is a solar panel USB charging device that can generate 6 watts of power from the sunlight. It does not require any type of battery for any charging socket. It is considered to be batter than manual hand charger. 

It provides the output of 5 volts to charge your smartphone, GPS device, power bank and any other device. You can also attach this to your backpack while travelling and charge phone without electricity. Must to have a product for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Even in absence of power support, your devices can be charged as long as there is sunlight. 

It is made up of a strong material which is more durable and waterproof. More specification and features about this product are listed below. I recommend you to read all the features before making a purchase.  You can also check the latest price from the Amazon website provided by the link given below.

Features of Portable Solar Charger Panel

  • water-resistant and lightweight 
  • Perfect for rapidly charging all your 5V USB
  • your devices can be charged as long as there is sunlight.
  • Worry-Free 1 years service warranty.

3. 10w solar panel charger 5v USB ports

Mobile hand charger: Learn to Charge Phone without electricity

This is another solar panel that can charge your mobile phone and this is more powerful as compared to the previous one it can generate 10 watts of power and comes with the 5V USB port. 

That is more than sufficient to charge any type of mobile phone, power bank, camera and other devices. It is best for adventure, camping, travelling and that area where electricity is not available.  

If there is sunlight then you can easily charge your any device. It has a thickness of 2mm only, which is very thin and easy to carry. you can also fold this panel when you are not using it.  important features about this product are given below.

Features of fast Solar Charger Panel

  • Solar energy and efficient solar charger circuit. 
  • .Slim and light design with 2mm thickness.
  • Portable and frame design fit for travelling, camping, hiking.
  • Standard USB output fit for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.


 so if you ask me to choose one Mobile hand charger for your mobile phone then I will recommend you to buy a solar panel which is very much efficient to charge a phone without electricity and it does not require any type of engagement while charging the device. 

It is also long-lasting waterproof and environment-friendly. If you have any question regarding this product then you can comment down below.  I will reply to those questions as soon as possible.

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