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Automatic Needle Threader Tool


Automatic Needle Threader Tool

Now you can put the thread in a needle very easy with this Needle Threader Tool. It is easy to use help to solve the frustrating needle threading problem suitable for those people who have dim eyesight great gifts for your mother and elderly people how to use.

Automatic Needle Threader Tool Features

  • Good quality and long-lasting.
  • Easy to use and universal for all needles.
  • Great gift for your mother and elderly people
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: Â 6.8cm x 2.3cm / 2.68" x 0.91" (approx. )
  • Package includes: 5* automatic needle threader

How to Use the Automatic Needle Threader Tool

  1. Check out the holes on one side. 
  2. Insert the needle into the hole. 
  3. Press the middle part like the picture shown until the little hook protrudes. 
  4. Hitch the sewing thread on the hook 
  5. Un-press the middle part. 6. Pull out the needle, and the sewing thread ran through.

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