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    Strong Adhesive Tape [ Reusable and Washable ]

    Strong Adhesive Tape [ Reusable and Washable ]

    This is a multipurpose Strong adhesive tape made of nano gel technology. This transparent tape can stick to any surface like Wall, wood, glass, and metal. It can be easily cut by scissors so you can use it according to the requirement. This 2 sided tape can hold a weight of up to 1 kg. It is very easy to remove and will not damage surfaces and leave no marks. This tape is Washable and Infinitely reusable. YOu can use this in the home, office, garage, kitchen, and many other places. It comes in a size of  3 Meters/3M x 30mm x 2mm. More features and details are listed below.

    Strong Adhesive Tape Features:

    1. MADE IN INDIA  Product.
    2. The Weight of the product is 380 grams.
    3. The online rating is 4 out of 5.
    4. Dimensions are 3 Meters/3M x 30mm x 2mm.
    5. It is reusable and washable many times.
    6. It is based on nanotechnology for Super Strong stickiness.
    7. It can stick to any smooth surface.
    8. Easy to reuse with no damage to surfaces.
    9. Easy to cut any length you want and stick.

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