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    Nail paint Printer Machine - WiFi & USB

    Nail paint Printer Machine - WiFi & USB

    Now you can print any design on your nail with the help of this Nail paint Printer Machine. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry anywhere.  This machine can be connected with your smartphone so that you can choose and create an Amazing design that you want to print on the nail. it is made up of a high-quality aluminum alloy that enhances its durability.  This nail printing machine has a premium quality of ink that lasts many days.  more feature and specification about this gadget is listed below.

    Nail paint Printer Machine Features to consider

    1. It is made up of a High-Quality Aluminum Alloy material.
    2. This machine is powered by AC Adapter (US Plug).
    3. You can connect this machine to your mobile phone.
    4. You can use O2Nails Mobile App to create nail designs.
    5. You can print any image/design in few seconds.
    6. It has high precision printing ink with anti-dry technology.

    In the box, you will get the following things.

    1. O2Nails Mini Digital Nail Art Printer H1, 
    2. AC Power Adapter (US Plug), 
    3. Ink Cartridge (FM10), 
    4. Print Gel (PG 4), 
    5. Top Seal Gel, 
    6. Artificial Nail Holder, 
    7. Mini LED Nail Lamp, 
    8. Nail Cleanser Pad, 
    9. Nail Guard Sticker, 
    10. USB-C Power Cable, 
    11. User Manual.

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