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    Weight Measuring Spoon with LCD Display

    Weight Measuring Spoon with LCD Display

    This weight measuring spoon comes with an LED display that can measure weight from 0.1 grams to 500 grams. It is suitable for those who want to make a dish with the exact amount of ingredients. It is lightweight and very easy to operate.  This can show the weight in 4 different units. it also has a TEAR button which will help you to subtract the weight of the spoon and show you the exact figure. The spoon has a detachable function so that you can wash it after every use.  more feature and specification about this with measuring spoon is listed below.

    Features of Weight Measuring Spoon

    1. It has 4 modes to measure weights (oz/ gn/ ct/ g).
    2. This spoon can measure weight from 0.1 gram to 500gram.
    3. LCD Screen will display an accurate amount.
    4. By pressing the Tare button it shows the weight of your ingredients by subtracting the weight of the spoon.
    5. Fastest response time of 0.3 seconds.
    6. It also has an auto turn-off function.
    7. The approx weight of the product is 40 grams.
    8. Item Dimensions are LxWxH : 15 x 15 x 3 Centimeters.
    9. It also indicates if the battery level is low.
    10. The spoon is removable and washable.
    11. Wall hanging design is convenient.

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