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    Lipstick Shape Power Bank 2400 Mah

    Lipstick Shape Power Bank 2400 Mah

    This Lipstick Shape Power Bank comes with a 2400 Mah battery and the shape of the lipstick is a little bit bigger than a regular lipstick. This type of power bank is the perfect gift for girls. It can charge any smartphone, camera, and Bluetooth device very quickly. Now girls can charge their device with class style power bank.

    The main feature of this gadget is a stylish design with a unique function. This lipstick-shaped Power Bank can charge from a regular charger of your smartphone.  

    People will definitely approach you to know more about this gadget when they see this for the first time.  If you are always curious about the latest unique gadgets available in the market under the budget price range then this is the product that you can buy.

    Lipstick Shape Power Bank Features

    • It has a 2400 mAh battery pack
    • It comes with 1 USB charging port.
    • Perfect gift for your sister, wife, and mother.
    • You can charge a variety of devices such as smartphones, cameras, Bluetooth.
    • comes with a distinctive design.
    • eye-catching design, compact size.
    • Lithium Battery No Button: Plug & Play.
    • It can use as an emergency power backup.
    • It comes with 6 Months warranty.
    • Charging will depend on your smartphone battery. 

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