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Portable Ice Cube Maker Bottle

Portable Ice Cube Maker Bottle

We know that it is very difficult to extract ice cubes from the icebox. But, this portable ice cube maker bottle helps to take out the ice cube easily.  You have to just pull out both the handles on both sides of the bottle and all the ice cubes are collected inside the bottle and you can use it whenever you want.  

Generally, we don't have any utensil to carry the ice cubes when we are going outside our home, but with the help of this portable ice cube bottle, you can carry the ice Cube with you and use it according to your requirement.  more feature and specification about this product is listed below.

Portable Ice Cube Maker Features

  1. Easy to extract ice cube from this ice cube bottle.
  2. It is Spill-proof, easy to carry, and keeps your drink chilled.
  3. It can make 18 ice cubes at one time.
  4. Made up of durable food-grade material.
  5. Perfectly shaped ice cube for your drinks.
  6. Compact in size and take less space in the refrigerator.
  7. Useful for a picnic and to be used in your car.

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