Portable Wrist Band Cooler : Rechargeable

Portable Wrist Band Cooler

This Portable wristband cooler will provide you to cool air during extremely hot days. It has a rechargeable battery that will last long many hours. it has three wind speed options that you can choose from. it comes in a different color and design that look more attractive on your wrist. 

you can also adjust the angle of the fan according to your requirement. this wristband is made up of a comfortable rubber material Which feels very soft on your wrist. more features and specification about this product is listed below please read all before purchase.

Portable wristband cooler Features

  • This tiny  Portable Wrist Band Cooler will generate a powerful natural wind to cool down you quickly and keep you cool forever. this small guy is your best companion during this hot summer.
  • This Wrist Band Cooling Fan comes with a wrist joint strap and adopts the form of a watch, that is convenient and trendy. in line with your personal wants, it may be used as a desktop fan or a hand-held fan. it's appropriate for colleges, offices, families, travel, and encampment.
  • The wrist joint band of the fan is created of soft and compact stuff material, appropriate for the wrist joint, and cozy to wear.
  • Mini fan adopts three-level wind management, low/medium/high-speed level, stable wind speed, and uses completely different speed levels in numerous environments. 
  • economical power provides and conversion circuits minimize losses.
  • USB fan angle may be adjusted in line with the direction you wish. 
  • This style is a lot of humanized and a lot convenient for your wants.

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