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VR Headset for Mobile Phones - Inbuilt Headphones

Now you can enjoy a theatre-like experience at home with this VR Headset for Mobile Phones. You will feel like you are sitting in a PVR and enjoying 3D videos with surround sound music. You can also play exciting virtual reality games on this VR headset.  There are many YouTube videos available that you can play on this VR headset.

VR Headset for Mobile Phones - Inbuilt Headphones

This VR headset for mobile phones has a built-in headphone that you can adjust according to your comfort.  It also provides a wider field of view as compared to other VR  headsets available in the market. It also has an inbuilt volume control touch button That feels very convenient while playing the game or selecting the videos.  you can also enjoy 360-degree videos on this device.

Why do We recommend this VR Headset for Mobile Phones?

You know that we always recommend the best product for our viewers. This VR headset has a combination of a better field of view and also the sound quality is really amazing. It is very comfortable and you can wear this for many hours.

VR Headset Features to consider

  • Enjoy a theater experience at home with this VR Headset.
  • Large Quality Lenses for 100-120 Degree FOV
  • Inbuilt Volume Control & Action Button.
  • Easily adjust the distance between you and your phone for the clearest, most comfortable experience. 
  • It comes with High-quality headphone
  • It is compatible will all types of mobile phones.
  • This VR has an external volume controller to easily increase and decrease the volume.
  • It feels very comfortable and can be used for many hours.
  • It has high-quality PMMA lenses that provide for a large field of vision.
  • This device has a touch controller button to operate this VR headset.
  • There are many size adjustments possible depending on your head.

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