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Small Hand Printer for Any Surface: Wireless & Waterproof Ink

Now you can print anything on any surface with the help of this Small hand printer. It can be operated wireless and provides quick-drying ink. This portable printer works perfectly on any surface like paper, wood, textile, leather, ceramic, metal, and glass, etc. Ink is waterproof and it takes only 3 seconds to dry. 

There is a built in-app for iOS and Android mobiles to operate this printer. It takes one second to print and 3 seconds to dry. It is portable in size so you can carry it wherever you want. It also comes with replaceable Ink cartridges and has a 1-year manufacturing warranty with lifetime customer support.

why we recommend this Small Hand Printer

It has a unique functionality that can fulfill your requirement and save your time. There are only a few Small Hand Printers available online that are compact and print wirelessly.  This is perfect for a brand owner who wants to print their logo and details on the product carton or anywhere they want. more detailed features about this product you can see below.

Features to consider

  • It has a QDP ink technology
  • This printer works perfectly on any type of surfaces
  • Ink can dry within 3 seconds after printing
  • The printed ink has a waterproof property.
  • This printer is a very small and compact design.
  • It can print the clearest and sharp text.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and a lifetime customer support
  • This Printer can be attached to your mobile via wifi
  • It can only print in black and white images or text
  • Now you can print your business card wherever you want within seconds 

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