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Wireless Projector For Mobile & Laptop | Supports 3D videos 1080P

This is a very compact wireless projector for mobile phones. This projector has DLP technology that provides the sharpest image with a high resolution of 1080p.  

Wireless Projector For Mobile & Laptop | Supports 3D videos 1080P

This projector comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which is long-lasting. You can connect this projector with an HDMI cable and Wi-Fi. It supports a screen mirror option for the smartphone to watch videos directly from your smartphone to this projector.

It is very lightweight and compact in size. It comes with 2 years warranty. More detail feature about this product is listed below read them carefully before making any purchase.

Know More about DLP Technology.

DLP is known as Digital Light Processing. It has a chip made up of small microscopic mirrors that provide amazing sharp images. It also has a better response time as compared to LED. 

DLP projectors have more mirrors and more pixels to display your desired images in higher definition. The approximate lamp life of a DLP projector is around 2000-5000 hours and some consumers see color fading/banding in some images.

Wireless Projector For Mobile Features to read

  • It is a very compact size so that you can carry it anywhere you want.
  • It allows you to mirror your screen through a wireless connection.
  • It comes with a good quality carry case to protect the projector.
  • It has an HDMI and a Wi-Fi connectivity feature.
  • Now you can enjoy movie games on a very big screen.
  • This projector has a DLP technology that provides vibrant color on a 1080 p resolution.
  • It also supports 3D videos you can enjoy with 3D glasses.
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio is ideal for home entertainment. 
  • It supports HD 1920x1080 resolution.
  • It comes with 2 years Year complete warranty.
  • 3D glasses are not included with this projector.

2. SEC YG-300 Mini LED Projector For Mobile & Laptop

This is the most affordable projector on the market. It is very portable and lightweight so that you can carry this anywhere you want. It uses LED as a Source light that means the life span of this projector is up to 30,000 hours. 

Wireless Projector For Mobile & Laptop

It has a built-in speaker and you can also connect the projector with a laptop PC hard drive with the help of an HDMI cable .you can also power this projector with the help of the power bank of 5V 2A.  It produced a clear image of 1280 X800 resolution. 

This comes with a remote control so that you can enjoy your movie videos from distance. It can display a screen size of 15 inches from a 2-meter distance. more features and specification about this led project is listed below.

SEC YG-300 LED Projector features Features

  • It is a very sleek and portable design
  •  this projector is very lightweight and easy to carry
  •  it supports input voltage 5V/2A from the power bank
  •  the lifespan of this product is up to 30,000 hours
  •  it has a built-in speaker
  •  it has a pot of AV/ USB /SD / HDMI.
  •  it is compatible with a laptop PC hard disk.
  •  it can project an image of resolution 1280 X 800.

3. Egate i9 HD Display LED Projector For Mobile & Laptop

Wireless Projector For Mobile & Laptop

This is considered to be the most value-for-money Projector For Mobile & Laptop use. It has a resolution of 1280X720 p which is more than sufficient for any type of video and images. This led-based projector can be connected via an HDMI cable SD card USB port or you can also connect it with a set-top box. it has a built-in audio system and you can also do digital zoom.

Egate i9 LED Projector features

  • It comes with1280 x 720 Native Resolution .
  • Brightest image with 1000: 1 High Contrast Ratio.
  • It has a 3.04 m (120 inches) Large Screen Display.
  • 2100 LED Lumen for a sharp image.
  • Life-Long Lamp + 30000 Hours Life. 
  • Connectivity : HDMI | 2 X USB | VGA | AV | SD Card Slot | Audio Out.
  • It has inbuilt speakers.
  • You can also Connect - TV (Set-Top Box), Play Station, etc.
  • Digital Zoom with X & Y-Axis Control.