Waterproof Mobile Holder for Kitchen and Washroom

This mobile holder is perfect for the kitchen as well as a bathroom because it is completely waterproof and protects your phone from water damage. It comes with a high perspective window with a 0.25 mm sensitivity touch screen so that you can operate your mobile with wet hands. The installation process of this mobile holder is very easy and it does not require any type of drilling.   you can stick this mobile holder to any surface like wall, glass, Wood, Steel, etc. more specification about this product is listed below and you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

Waterproof Mobile Holder  Features

  • This waterproof mobile holder is perfect for the Kitchen and Bathroom.
  • You can listen to your favorite music, watching videos when cooking. 
  • This Mobile holder provides an anti-fog high perspective window for a good view angle.
  • This Wall Mount Shower Phone Holder has a 0.25 mm flexible touch screen.
  • The silicone seal design will provide 100% waterproof protection without affecting the sound.
  • Installation is very easy and it does not require any drilling or damage to the wall.
  • It comes with a strong adhesive to stick it on any surface like wall/tiles/plastic/steel.
  • The shower phone holder has reliable sealing protection. 
  • Compatible with all mobile phones under 6.8 inches.