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Diary with Powerbank | Wireless Charging Note Book

Diary with Powerbank  Wireless Charging Note Book

This is the smartest notebook that comes with wireless charging and a Pendrive. This notebook is very stylish and very convenient to use. It also has a built-in separate cable for Android and IOS devices. It comes with 96 sheets that can be refilled easily. You can charge your phone anytime by just putting it on the Notebook. 

This is the easiest smartest way to charge a mobile phone during your office meeting. It has a 10,000 Mah battery that means it can charge your mobile phone 2 to 3 times. More feature and specification about this particular gadget is listed below.

 Wireless Charging Note Book Features

  1. Comes with 10,000 Mah Power Bank.
  2. This notebook has a wireless charging option.
  3. It also has attached a 16 GB power bank.
  4.  Inbuilt separate Android and IOS Charging cables with charge indicator.
  5. It has a  96 sheets refillable spiral notebook.
  6. This notebook is portable and convenient.
  7. The charging indicator will display the battery level.
  8. It is compatible with all types of iPhone and android mobiles.

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